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frequently asked questions

Q: Can I buy my membership online?

A: We require you to purchase or renew your membership in person to verify payment and that you have Valid Identification.


Q: Do I have to be a member to be part of the Rum Tasting?

A: If you plan to attend a Rum Society, you will need to be a member as well and can purchase the rum tasting fee at the door with one of our hosts. 


Q: Can I reserve a Table?

A: We don’t offer reservations but you can get to the bar sooner to reserve your section independently. Have a party? Bring decorations! We just ask you to throw them away at the end to assist our team. 


Q: How many people can I bring with me with my membership?

A: Each membership allows you plus 3 additional guests and all guests are free to enter without a membership until 8pm.


Q: Can I bring my own Cigar?

A: Absolutely! We do have a fine selection of cigars but if you have a favorite, bring it on by. We’ll have matches waiting for you! 


Q: Is there live music?

A: We have live music three times a week and on Sundays during the summer. However, we have DJs throughout the week!

Q: How do you get in?

A: The entrance is on Flower St. Look for the sign! (Pictured here)

Caña Rum Bar exterior signage
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